Context: The legacy of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and the Site of the Tragedy
Where: Bhopal , India
Venue: Old Benazir College, Shahjehanabad, Bhopal
When: Workshop - 23rd January to 1st February 2011
What: Around 50 students from different disciplines from around the world will participate over 10 days in 5 different units. Each group will be guided by two unit masters with experience and expertise in the relevant theme. The workshop will have guest lectures by experts and a mid-term review. Units are to present their proposals in media of their choice in the Symposium following the workshop. These will be presented and discussed during the symposium that follows.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Unit 5 Boxing Match

We visualize the interactions between the 4 factors with hanging the instruction forms between the four columns in the workshop venue with strings. In this way, everyone can literally see the interactions and exchange of instructions between the players. By the end of the day, we put up the live fight between the boxers and came up with 3 sets of summary. Each summary is negotiated points produced by two factors.

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  1. UNIT 5, Press Release
    Manoj Mathur & Setiadi Sopandi

    We simulated a part of the thinking process that usually happens too fast during initial process of a making of a memorial. Many of them were usually designed in rush during a tight competition schedule.

    We played a role of the winning designer of Bhopal Gas Tragedy Memorial and tried to back into the understanding process and recognizing the ‘players’, just before the design process begins. We recognize four elements that constitute a memorial; the Event, the Site, the Context, and the Design. We grow an understanding of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy based on the Event, the Site, and the Context before addressing a Design for the memorial and how to develop the Site.

    We feel that total cleaning up the site from contamination is necessary prior to any kind of development. We develop a set of design possibilities out of several issues raised by other units.

    We also think that the Event need some kind of ‘closure’ so we can continue with constructive and positive programs. What we mean by closure can mean establishing the existing plant as the memorial so it can effectively remind the public about the Event. If the closure means the dismantling the plant, therefore we need to be sure designing a new powerful and effective monument.