Context: The legacy of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and the Site of the Tragedy
Where: Bhopal , India
Venue: Old Benazir College, Shahjehanabad, Bhopal
When: Workshop - 23rd January to 1st February 2011
What: Around 50 students from different disciplines from around the world will participate over 10 days in 5 different units. Each group will be guided by two unit masters with experience and expertise in the relevant theme. The workshop will have guest lectures by experts and a mid-term review. Units are to present their proposals in media of their choice in the Symposium following the workshop. These will be presented and discussed during the symposium that follows.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Unit 6: Heritage of Sites with Painful Pasts

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  1. We started our work by trying to find the connections in our own group. We come from several countries; Latvia, Lithuania, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Mexico, Switzerland and the UK. We worked in groups of three and drew three symbols that represented our own selves. Then we shared these, and found the connections. Our Group has m any shared values, and we found common hopes and values around freedom, creativity, curiousity and respect for the world. These values have underpinned our approach to work.
    We started by dividing our documentation and resaerch process into 4 areas; the Tragedy Site, the Community around the site, the city and the processes of interpretation and existing heritage trails. All of these form the identity, actual and potential, of Bhopal.